UK: Learn to make a goddamn Cappuccino correctly!

It can’t be done here. It’s clearly just too hard. Well it can, just rarely, and you have to get lucky. Very lucky.

I just want my takeaway cup to feel like there’s a friggin’ tennis ball in it (and obviously weigh the correct weight (149-161 grams was it?)). Is that too much to ask? Really?

Get your £1 Freshly Brewed!

Yo all. Just remembered about this, as I got the email when I was away in Canada (the home of stingy Starbucks Card rewards), and decided it was worth an obvious mention, as it’s a hot deal.

You can now score filter coffee (‘Freshly Brewed’) for £1 for a tall (and a the same 50p off every other size) with your Starbucks card in the UK

Kennedy In Starbucks…

I hate to post more and more about coffee, and drinks and Starbucks, but it just seemed like something worth mentioning. Partly because no-one knows it, and even urban dictionary doesn’t have the right definition, so I thought I would clear up some more coffee lingo…

A Kennedy – A filter coffee with 3 shots of espresso in it. Why it’s called this, I hope you know. Try asking for a Kennedy next time. The mixed reactions it receives makes up for the sheer caffeine content.

Drinking these days…

Well not mentioning something for a while is bad. So I’m back. Now. On the same topic as before. Caffeinated beverages, or more importantly, coffee.

What’s happening in the coffee world with me these days? Well let me enlighten you. My current drink of choice, is the result of a few things; 1 – Price, 2 – Caffeine content and 3 – Refill-ability™. It goes by the name of a “Tall Almond Black Eye with hot milk“.

Starbucks: Dry…

I haven’t really ever written anything particularly Starbucks related in the past, probably because it might not be especially entertaining to read (however that’s a relative point, so I’ll not get into that at the moment). Though recently I have felt slightly compelled to mention a few interesting points about everyone’s favourite (or least favourite) coffee company.

Being an ex-(and maybe possibly future) employee, I have a different outlook and opinion on the company and its ethics, and so do bear that in mind with anything I say, but then again it’s not like I’m saying anything remotely controversial—so don’t worry!