UK: Learn to make a goddamn Cappuccino correctly!

It can’t be done here. It’s clearly just too hard. Well it can, just rarely, and you have to get lucky. Very lucky.

I just want my takeaway cup to feel like there’s a friggin’ tennis ball in it (and obviously weigh the correct weight (149-161 grams was it?)). Is that too much to ask? Really?

No, I frankly don’t give a shit about your stupid little chocolate star on it Costa, is it just possible to get the right ratio of foam to milk to (non-burnt!!) espresso? Wait, it’s not? Oh, that’s a friggin’ shame.

And freshly steamed milk too. I want some of that. If I’m paying upwards of £2 for a coffee, I want the milk steamed JUST for MY coffee. And from one jug. The concept of hot milk from one jug, and foam from another is ridiculous, and frankly not even a cappuccino. Just a crap, dry latte. Not what I ordered. Why can’t anyone make one correctly? Why are they always too wet? Why oh why oh why?

If we take a comparison to North America. They can make a cappuccino. I’ve even had cappuccinos there that are borderline too dry. That’s right, TOO MUCH FOAM. Like that would ever happen here.

It’s almost as if the people making cappuccinos here are scared that the person who ordered it might complain if they realise that what they’re paying for is more air. That’s what a cappuccino is. It’s a lighter drink. Get over it. If you feel ripped off, the don’t buy one. Just get a latte. You obviously sound less cool when ordering one, but it’s easier to say (and you don’t sound stupid when you complain that the drink is basically air).

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