Get your £1 Freshly Brewed!

Yo all. Just remembered about this, as I got the email when I was away in Canada (the home of stingy Starbucks Card rewards), and decided it was worth an obvious mention, as it’s a hot deal.

You can now score filter coffee (‘Freshly Brewed’) for £1 for a tall (and a the same 50p off every other size) with your Starbucks card in the UK. And considering you get free extras, this is good. It’s like the ice cream factory of filter coffee for only a pound. Get your red eye fix, maybe even with some cream on top and with soya milk. It’s a total win. Also, FREE REFILLS! Not that they advertise it anywhere, but it’s true. Just ask and be rewarded for your curiosity. That’s 50p per awesome cup. Beat that Costa.

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