Drinking these days…

Well not mentioning something for a while is bad. So I’m back. Now. On the same topic as before. Caffeinated beverages, or more importantly, coffee.

What’s happening in the coffee world with me these days? Well let me enlighten you. My current drink of choice, is the result of a few things; 1 – Price, 2 – Caffeine content and 3 – Refill-ability™. It goes by the name of a “Tall Almond Black Eye with hot milk“.

Essentially this is just a filter coffee with two shots of espresso, a little almond syrup and some hot milk. But there is oh-so-much-more to it than that. To get it tasting good, a few principles have to be observed.

    1) Assuming you’re ordering this in Starbucks, don’t get Estima (whatever you do!), get whatever else is going (even if it’s the morally questionable (don’t ask me why) House Blend), I find Sumatra, or something fairly bold is best.
    2) Only get one or two pumps of almond syrup. If it’s a tall, then it’s gonna have 3 pumps normally, which is a tad too sweet.
    3) Espresso is espresso, at least at Starbucks it is. Regular or decaf is fine.
    4) Only get a little hot milk (a quarter/half inch will do). Even better if it’s dry.

This basically fulfils all my criteria, it’s cheap (£1.12 ish with a discount and Starbucks Card), caffeine rich (240+150 = 390mg Caffeine per cup), and refill-able (free refills on freshly brewed (and the extras are normally included)). Win for me. Stay tuned for more interesting drinks combos…

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