Kennedy In Starbucks…

I hate to post more and more about coffee, and drinks and Starbucks, but it just seemed like something worth mentioning. Partly because no-one knows it, and even urban dictionary doesn’t have the right definition, so I thought I would clear up some more coffee lingo…

A Kennedy – A filter coffee with 3 shots of espresso in it. Why it’s called this, I hope you know. Try asking for a Kennedy next time. The mixed reactions it receives makes up for the sheer caffeine content.

Black Eye – A filter coffee with 2 shots of espresso in it.

Red Eye – A filter coffee with only 1 shot of espresso in it.

Dirty Chai – A chai latte with a shot (or two, or three…) of espresso. It’s actually rather nice, and I’m quite a fan. However it’s an odd taste at first and maybe takes a bit of getting used to. The spicy-ness, the sweet-ness and the bitter-ness. Pretty good times. And it’s even better iced. Next time you’re at Starbucks, try out an Quad Venti Iced Latte Macchiato with Chai syrup, and 1 pump almond. It’s pretty gnarley.

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