Exciting Times…

Well my exams start for real on Tuesday with Switch Mode Electronics and Marketing. Yep, exciting as, I understand. And I’ll have a whole load of this fun going through until the 12th. So I might actually be quiet until then. Or not. We’ll see.

However, meanwhile, a few cool little things to look out for/expect/check out…

  • I got a Olympus 35LC. It’s totally old school. Like 1967 old school. Frickin’ cool. There’s also a dark room here. So the fun begins once exams are over. Yay. This little guide looks cool. Plus the use of Helvetica is awesome. (btdubs, watch the film if you haven’t yet).
  • Discovered this fantastic blog about coffee. It’s so exciting to read, and there are some freakin’ cool videos on there from Intelligentsia Coffee. This is almost up there with 147xxx for exciting coffee blogs. Almost.


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