Reflective Tote bag Project

I’ve made a couple tote bags before. They’re easy to make (with very few 3D parts) and surprisingly useful these days when the bulk of your outside trips that require a bag are only to the grocery store. I’d spied some neat reflective fabric last time I was shopping on extremtextil (my current go to […]

Copper Lamp Project

I wanted a new challenge involving more than just carpentry, and I had a lot of copper pipe around from building a couple tables. I’d seen these pretty cool looking pipe lamps for sale using a lot of copper, and figured that it wouldn’t be that hard to make my own. It didn’t go completely […]

Bench Project

About a year ago I had a party coming up and we needed more seats in our kitchen for the guests. Instead of buying some small chairs, I figured why not make a kitchen style bench to go with my door table from an earlier project. The whole thing came together pretty easily and at […]

Coffee Table Project

Recently I had the idea to make a coffee table from scratch. We needed one in our apartment and I figured the fun thing to do would be to make one. Here’s how it went down.  I wanted the coffee table to include copper piping – I’ve waiting for a project that I could use […]

Door Table Project

As the first of my projects to make more furniture and household objects, I settled on the biggest need in the house at the time. A table. We wanted something long that we could use equally for working on or for hosting dinner parties around. There are admittedly a lot of off the shelf (or […]