Procrastination (Days 3 to 6)

Cinnamon Rolls Less procrastination done here, more like general time wasting, which is a crap strategy. Might have to sort that out. However, some none-the-less important things done… I read a wonderful little book (literally, well only in one sense, it was on my Kindle) by Joel Greenblatt called “The Little Book that Beats the …

Procrastination (Days 1 and 2)

Good start to the procrastination (umm, I mean revision) today. I got a whole lot of stuff done. Well slightly. I did manage to do some work at first, finished off the examples papers for this year (yay) and had a supervision, but that’s almost where the work ended. Oh, also, I did manage to make a revision time table, scheduling in rough detail every hour (well not quite) from tomorrow to the 12th May. Oh what fun times ahead.