Procrastination (Days 3 to 6)

Cinnamon Rolls Less procrastination done here, more like general time wasting, which is a crap strategy. Might have to sort that out. However, some none-the-less important things done… I read a wonderful little book (literally, well only in one sense, it was on my Kindle) by Joel Greenblatt called “The Little Book that Beats the …

Procrastination (Days 1 and 2)

Good start to the procrastination (umm, I mean revision) today. I got a whole lot of stuff done. Well slightly. I did manage to do some work at first, finished off the examples papers for this year (yay) and had a supervision, but that’s almost where the work ended. Oh, also, I did manage to make a revision time table, scheduling in rough detail every hour (well not quite) from tomorrow to the 12th May. Oh what fun times ahead.


Fresh Bread…

Yo, so I got bored and thought I should get into a new hobby or even get keen trying something new. Just in the spirit of well, not all that much. So I’m totally getting into making lots of fresh bread. It’s pretty easy, as long as you have a bit of time to wait, and it’s dead cheap too, and the results generally taste so much better than you can get in the store.