Procrastination (Days 1 and 2)

Good start to the procrastination (umm, I mean revision) today. I got a whole lot of stuff done. Well slightly. I did manage to do some work at first, finished off the examples papers for this year (yay) and had a supervision, but that’s almost where the work ended. Oh, also, I did manage to make a revision time-table, scheduling in (rough) detail every hour (well not quite) from tomorrow to the 12th May. Oh what fun times ahead.

On the procrastination front.

  • I started learning Ruby. Primarily with Rails For Zombies as part of Code School (p.s. Rails for Zombies is free!) which looks like a great idea for people who can’t be at all bothered to read books or do much else in the way of learning silly and unnecessary programming languages at the moment, so me. It also prerequisitized (sic) that I had some basic skillz (so to speak). This involved, which is also rather nice, and a fantastic in-browser idea. Anyway, for the moment I’m still plugging through with the Zombies.
  • I made some sweet pizzas. Well this was actually a few days ago, and I’d been meaning to do it for a while (it had been open in Safari for quite some time). I made a half batch of this recipe which I found to be fantastic (I used half 00 flour and half regular bread flour with a little honey and olive oil) even after 3 days (with almost continual expansion) in the fridge. Made 4 pizzas out of it. 4 good lunches. Will be doing that again. Also, it takes like no time at all. So worth doing.
  • On the same baking theme, I made some Rosemary Focaccia this evening. Using this recipe, which I’d used like 3 times before, and it’s excellent. Really is, and totally more-ish. Goes excellently with prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes, or even toasted with scrambled egg. Who knew rosemary and salt tasted so good together.
  • I got new bike frame (a racing one this time!) off of a friend, and I managed to drain some serious time tearing it down to just the frame, forks and stem (which I fear may be stuck!!). It’s a early 90s Apollo (Halfords) frame made with ‘300 steel’ tubing. Sounds like a dubious attempt to copy Reynolds 501, Google has returned little on the subject so far. However, it’s larger than my current orange fixie frame, and a different geometry, so I’ll try and build it up on the cheap, with 700c wheels too(!) and waste some more time.

Wow, I actually think that might be about all for these two days. However, judging by my revision timetable, I have a whole lot more time to work, and do exciting things when not working. Yay.

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