So getting more settled here – I’ll try and get a few more updates going, but it’s constantly awesome and amazing the variety of places there are to eat, to shop, to hangout. And there isn’t even a service like Yelp to cover it all. I’m so accustomed to using some geolocation food finding app when I’m in a new place, so this is new, just walking around trying to find something great, and most of the time succeeding. It maybe requires a little more skill, especially in finding little cheap and tasty eateries, but at the same time I get to practise my Japanese a whole bunch. Yay. I’m on the hunt for a tempura place for tonight, and think I have one in my sights (a chain no less!), I have heard good (and, most importantly, cheap) things about it. We’ll see how it goes.

Another advantage of currently living in Japan is that all these wonderful different ways of brewing coffee that have previously been a little expensive and hard to import to the UK are now open to me. Though I toyed with the idea of getting a vacuum coffee maker, I actually went ahead and got a Hario V60 instead. It was cheap (sub ¥500) and makes a wonderful (and rocket fuel strength) cup. So happy that I went ahead and got one. I’m enjoying the pour over revolution #pouroverrevolution?

Anyway, I do get a whole bunch of time free to explore, read and enjoy life. Currently finishing Thinking, Fast and Slow, and in the thick of The Language Instinct and The Art of Being Unreasonable. Also getting into a bunch of timelapse photos (really breaking in my 5D3’s shutter…) catching some gnarly sunsets and clouds over the Tokyo skyline. Oh and there’s the G.O.O.D. Music Cruel Summer album in addition to Food and Liquor II (finally!) to listen to. Yay.

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