Yeah, pretty random

Well some pretty random thing have been happening over the last week. My stylesheet on this good old site as gone a bit funky so it wants to put the sidebar halfway down the page… A bit odd I know but I don’t really care all that much as it is at least still there! It also doesn’t want to stylize the little intro block thingy, which other than being a bit odd its rather annoying!

I need my iMac replaced again, it DOES have a fault with the CD/DVD drive.

My iPhone arrives (well is able to be picked up from the ParceForce depot) tomorrow. After 2 and a half weeks of shipping which included – Taking a week to fly over from NJ and spending a week in Foreign Customs here, at which point they realised that it is infact an iPhone that I am importing so they should VAT me. Oh dear. Maybe if I had spent £5 more on that more elusive better shipping option then it might have a arrived a bit quicker and maybe could have avoided *her* nasty folk at customs.

Other than that, not alot is happening! I forgot to register so now its some stupid site, but if you need it, the old website is at

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