The iPhone

I will start out by apologizing for my lack of posting things in the last few weeks. I have been conducting a test of the iPhone in the best way possible, that is thru not actually having a computer to use and having to rely solely on the iPhone for internet and the management of various forms of communication that I would regularly do…

My computer or iMac to be more precise is currently being repaired by Apple to sort out this annoying issue with the Cd drive importing things at hideously low and slow sped, and unlike the Apple store, this repair is taking its time… AAGH! Still, it gives me a good chance to a) show off my iPhone to the nice Apple store employees when I’m at the store b) show it off to everyone else at various Apple events that were on, such as the Leopard launch and c) try out my iPhone to its full potential an thus write a kind of review.

First that I should say is that it does exactly what it says on the tin… Everything Apple says about the iPhone, it can do. Plus more. The amount of ‘more’ that you want to add to it completely different for everyone, but its really up to you. In my case I unlocked it for Orange Uk, activated it, installed Installer and now I can use Navizon and message people using MSN or AIM. Pretty cool.

Instead of just treating this as a normal kind of review, I’ll just assume the iPhone is perfect and talk about what’s bad with it (its easier that way!).

-The recessed headphone jack is rather annoying. The Apple headphones/headset that come with the iPhone aren’t that bad though. If it wasn’t for the lack of the noise canceling ability I would happily use then as the button to answer calls and pause music is pretty good, I’m getting used to using the headset, isn’t that sad! I will however probably invest in the Shure headset thingy that enables you to use any headphones with it, and it includes a button and a mic! That might go well with my soon to arrive replacement headphones (3rd pair 4th pair!).

-The lack of anything telling you when you are coming to the end of the 155 character limit in a text message is irritating. Especially when you’ve on pay as you go and are trying to save money!

-When the phone is on silent and you are listening to music via the headset, there is nothing to tell you that a call is being received other than the vibrating thing. This is marginally annoying especially when they could implement a thing to ring in the headphones only!

-The battery is weird. Sometimes it lasts for ages, or at least seems to never go down. Other times its not as good. Its probably related to my Wi-Fi usage but hoo haa, the battery’s better than I expected so its all good. I couldn’t imagine listening to 6 or 7 hours of music on my 4th G iPod and seeing very little hit on te battery meter. Isn’t that cool!

To be continued…


Another annoying thing that I’ve found with my iPhone happens to be that when I have a voicemail message, the red dot will show on the voicemail indicating this, which is all well and dandy, but when I’ve listened to the message it doesn’t want to go away and will sometimes persistently keep bothering me about it! It did eventually go away, but I haven’t a clue why!

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