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Finally deciding to write a post from my iPhone will probably yield interesting if not terrible consequences, but as the general consensus goes, it’s probably best just to get on with typing and let the iPhone spell checker dude inside the phone work his magic! It isn’t always the that the ‘man inside’ knows right as some of the spelling suggestions are pretty dire, though with a slight comical element! It would probably ne the right time here to put in some of these silly mistakes, but currently I’m not the mindset to remember any!

Though the spelling and grammar/fat finger compensation is good, it’s even crazier when it temporarily stops or more likely just suspends rational thought for just a moment! In that small window of time you suddenly realise that yes, you do suck at typing on tiny keys meant for small burrowing rodents (who cant (sic) spell by the way). On the plus side, its pretty good fun (which for some reason likes to render itself as ‘food fun’ when typing fast) if you learn to love its faults and forgivings!

That headphone problem with the itsy bitsy hole on the iPhone: I solved it. Well I say solved it, I really mean took a knife to a headphone splitter and make the end of it fit. So, bringing me swiftly onto my next point, I can use my new Shure E210 headphones with them (at least that’s what I think they’re called).

So back in the day when I first started this site I had a review that I posted about my ‘awesome new’ (I hope I didn’t say those exact words) headphones. That was then… 2 years later I’m on my 4th pair of Shure headphones (all free by the way). It’s not that they’re unreliable or anything (read: keep buying Shure products) it’s just that I’m picky and they have generous customer support people. Hence no bad feelings (yet).

More on that (and more) another time…

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