Christmas is Coming!

Advent calendar

Just to put everyone who sees this in a festive mood, I’ve included a picture of my advent calendar. Isn’t it just so gratuitously childish!

I’m thinking up some interesting posts on UI and some also on ID (industrial design), I’m finding the design of these things pretty thrilling at the moment!

As for music, some awesome stuff is coming our way in 2008! Firstly, The Bedlam In Goliath, the Mars Volta’s new album will be joining us. I also have Mars Volta tickets for their next tour in March, so I’m pretty thrilled about that! Actually seriously thrilled – they’re just one of those groups that I really wanted to see live but never really had the opportunity to. I also have some Radiohead tickets (second time to see them!) which will be pretty incredible, due to their recent album sounding so great!

As for the album of the week, I’ve really been into lots of different things this week, Massive Attack, Air, Neil Young, Esteban Morgado and Wolfmother to name but a few. But the best album that I’ve been ‘tapping’ is Ibrahim Ferrer’s solo album from Buena Vista Social Club. It’s absolutely fantastically mastered and mixed, producing such a brilliant sound. The track ‘Cienfuegos Tiene Su Guaguanco’ being generally unbelievable… Especially the piano solo and the horns!

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