Neil Young at Edinburgh Playhouse (pt 2)

Following my escapades on Monday night involving an amazing Neil Young concert, here’s some sort of write up/review thingummy. The Edinburgh Playhouse is a pretty good venue for music if it’s the kind where you’re sitting down and well not moshing or dancing in an extreme fashion etc. Unlike many other venues in Scotland it …

Neil Young at Edinburgh Playhouse

On Monday evening I was at an absolutely amazing gig – Neil Young playing at Edinburgh Playhouse. He started with an acoustic first half playing some absolute classics – Ambulance Blues; and A Man Needs A Maid; among others. He then came back for the second half with Crazy Horse to play some serious rock/grunge. …

Musical Recommendations!

Though I am presently unable to update the small album of the week selection at the top right of the page (my Wordpress plug-in writing knowledge does not extend to such heights as writing user interfaces, or at least text boxes where one can insert the name of the album and a link to the picture. So I have to wait till I go home and am able to edit the actual plug-in file. Oh well…), I really do have a few ideas as what the next album of the week may be.

Any Given Thursday!

I really really didn’t know what to think about this album when I first got it. Fair enough John Mayer is a superb guitarist, but I had got into him through listening to Continuum and not his earlier more Pop orientated works. In truth, I had got round to buying Heavier Things and Room For Squares, but I got them at the same time as this album so didn’t really give just one my attention. I also find listening to a live album when you don’t really know the artist’s music not great, especially so in this case, as the amount of long intros and extended solo parts, while very good, would not be of much interest to someone just getting into the artist.