You know when…

You know when you’ve had an interesting night when you wake up the next morning to find your contact lenses the wrong way round in their little containers… (That would be left in the right one and vice versa!)

Seriously, its so unbelievably irratating when this happens (and believe me, this is the first time!). I just happened to be in a rush so I hurridly put them in, and behold my sight was for lack of a better word, screwed.

Being unfortunate enough to have different sight in either eye, wearing them the wrong way make one eye nice and strong, possibly slightly too strong for comfort, and the other comfortably blurry. Headache inducing I must add.

Yes, I solved it eventually, but not without the confused and idle stares of those bewildered on the train due to someone ‘taking their eyes out’.

It also begs the question, what happened last night?

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  1. I remember tearing a soft contact lens on an expedition and having to go one-eyed for 6 weeks as I was hundreds of miles from the nearest post office or optician. It affected my depth perception and one morning I woke up to take my morning pee off the side of the ship and stepped off the side into near-Arctic waters. Talk about a wake up call….
    Btw, what DID happen last night? At minimum, I think you checked your spell checker at the door….

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