Oh well!

Well I haven’t really posted anything since new year, and that’s probably because I’m failry busy.

I got this nice letter from Cambridge University saying that they will let me go there if I get 4 A’s at A-level (which isn’t exactly the easyist thing) so as I really want to go there, I may aswell work that bit harder. I could maybe talk more after the exams.

Another thing I realised is that this blog may be getting fairly boring to read (some people might be saying something along the lines of “No shit sherlock” or “Really?”) but the fact of the matter is, I should really make this more worthwhile to read. To be honest, anyone can go anywhere to find out news about something, so there is really no point in me telling everyone about it unless I say something. I think I should start a links section with useful things which I have discovered recently and find interesting etc. But maybe that’s what some of these social bookmarking things are about? Anyhoo, I will living up this section over the next year to make it just more fun!

By the way, I got an Arduino which is very cool and surprisingly simple to program (its like C, but I don’t even know C and I can do it). I think I’m going to make a midi drum machine kinda thing with it once the exams are over!

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