Macworld and so on

Well to say that I have been busy wouldn’t really be much of a lie. I had my first real A-level exam yesterday, oh wait maybe on Wednesday then! It really wasn’t too bad. It was a Mechanics 2 exam and was glorified Physics called maths, and has something to do with this, but seeing as its fairly late I can be bothered going into the specifics. It just had questions on frameworks, centre of mass, power, work and energy and impulse and momentum. Honestly though if one does do sufficient revision, it makes the exam pretty easy and in extreme cases almost fun.

Although one exam may be over, not all of them are! I still have 5 others which can’t really be that bad, that’s if I do revision (which I most definitely will!).

One good thing about exams is that you need to relax afterwards, and as a result I find myself going to Fopp and impulse buying things which I probably could live without at the time, but are very nice and in most cases not too expensive. So yesterday, I mean Wednesday, I purchased a copy of The Band’s second album – The Band, Boston’s second album – Don’t Look Back, a cheap Ocean Colour Scene album – North Atlantic Drift, and the novel – Starter For 10 by David Nicholls, which is turning out to be a very awesome read, as its written in such a monologueish sort of way that I find appealing, especially with all of the hilarious wit and sarcasm! All that for only £16! A very fine deal I tell you!

On another note, the Macworld took place in San Fran, and the iPhone does look very very appealing, but it doesn’t come out for so long which is such a pity as I would happily put down any amount of money to replace my ageing Nokia 3510i with a phone made by Apple! I especially liked the bit in the Keynote where Steve said “And boy have we patented it!” Its just a bit of a shame that Cisco had the name iPhone before, just have to see how the cookie crumbles. AppleTV looks fairly cool too, especially with the hard disk, but it can’t really be that good, as I would use something like that to watch TV shows that I have missed which I would download form the internet, and thus would probably not be in MPEG4 H.264 format and instead in XviD or the reverse, both of which are unplayable. O well, there might be a nice firmware or codec hack on the horizon… I might just stick with my Media Lounge thingy, its just a bit big in that wooden box of its.

Now, I’m tired so I’m going to bugger off to sleep.

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