Almost a happy new year…

Well its almost a happy new year as today is the last day of 2006, but it really isn’t 2007 yet because well its not the 1st of Jan!

Christmas and the general new year period happens to be a really good time of the year for good films on tv. I’ve recently warched some really funny programs and films on the old tellybox.

The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2006 was on at least a few times, but is incredibly funny, especially with David Walliams, Russel Brand, Jonathan Ross and Rob Brydon. Worth a watch as its on again

As usual, Never Mind The Buzzcocks Christmas special was on, which hilariously as usual was very entertaining viewing, just like the regular series. You may even be able to find it on the old net somewhere…

Another few films that I have recently seen which have been exceptionally well made include:-

The Pianist, a Roman Polanski film about a Polish pianist surviving through the Holocaust in Warsaw despite his Jewish background and Nazi occupation of the country. Very moving but brilliantly made… You can currently pick it up for around £3 at HMV.

City Of God, a Brazilian film about the hoods and gangs in Rio. Absolutely fascinating and very well worth seeing… It was on TV recently, but can be bought at various places for arounf £5.

Man, I love cheap DVDs and CDs!

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