120 Love

Well it seems to me that I’ve not really written anything particularly in-depth about photography in a while, and this needed to change. I guess I had been ranting at people (in-person) about various little intricacies of old film, TLRs, and other interesting camera things that frankly they didn’t want to hear, and this would […]

A New Project for May

I’ve been projectless for a while. I want some new project that I can devote some somewhat serious and vaguely focussed time into over the next month or two. Maybe involving photography, but I’d like to devote some time to typography — a field that I’ve always been innately fascinated by, though more so recently […]

More Video Production

Over the summer of 2012, I worked as the General Coördinator for Pembroke College International Programmes. During this summer I also got the chance to help film and produce a wonderful little informational pseudo-documentary (infomentary?) on The Pembroke-King’s Programme. The Pembroke-King’s Programme (or PKP) is a 2 month summer programme run by Pembroke College, Cambridge, […]

Goodbye 35

Not that I was getting bored of my 35mm lens, in fact I really like some of the pictures that I was producing using it. But I’ve decided to give it up and move on. I bought it about a year and a half ago, as something other than a 50mm for my crop body […]

On LomoChrome

Film photography has been dying. Or rather evolving. Kodak’s going/gone (Kodachrome definitely is). Fuji’s started pulling (certain sizes of) Velvia 50, but there’s one little hip company still pushing the film craze – Lomography. And today they hyped the launch of their new film—LomoChrome—they called it. I found their little news pre-release a couple days […]