I’ve been projectless for a while. I want some new project that I can devote some somewhat serious and vaguely focussed time into over the next month or two. Maybe involving photography, but I’d like to devote some time to typography — a field that I’ve always been innately fascinated by, though more so recently after watching Helvetica a couple times (I love it, and all of Hustwit’s other docs). Maybe I’ll do something along the lines of designing a letterform a day in the hopes of creating a typeface over a month and a bit. Something fun, yet challenging, is what I’m going for and typeface design may fit the bill.

In other news, while failing to get a cheap lensbaby lens for my 5D (I’m just never going to be content with the awesome prime lenses that I do have), I decided to (ever so slightly) butcher a body cap and make a pinhole lens (if you can call it a lens – I think the word lens implies some optical element, this is precisely the lack of such element) for my 5D. Ultimately I’ve found a way of turning a $3500 camera into a 22 megapixel soft pinhole instagram machine. Not ideal, but it’s a fun (and cheap!) new (anti-)lens.

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