Did I mention I designed, filmed, edited and produced a little instructional video on how to tie a bow tie recently? I figured every bow tie company had to have one, so I went ahead and made my own for Bowtiful.

It turns out there were A LOT of videos out there a lot like it. Try typing in bow tie instructional into youtube, there are many many results. So, in the spirit of Bowtiful I thought I should try something different. I did the video ‘solo style’ – so just tying the tie on its own. No person’s neck involved. So you can see how a wonderful Bowtiful bow is tied super clearly. It’s also all filmed on my wonderful Canon 5D3 in somewhat gorgeous and shallow depth of field HD. It makes it look a whole lot better than most of the other videos out there. Perhaps have a little look if you get a chance?


I also got round to adding a little segment on Behind The Bow about the making of the instructional video. It kind of details why I made the video like I did and what the rationale behind my doing it was. It’s available here on the Behind The Bow blog at Bowtiful Ties. Consider the video mentioned now.

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