Over the summer of 2012, I worked as the General Coördinator for Pembroke College International Programmes. During this summer I also got the chance to help film and produce a wonderful little informational pseudo-documentary (infomentary?) on The Pembroke-King’s Programme. The Pembroke-King’s Programme (or PKP) is a 2 month summer programme run by Pembroke College, Cambridge, which offers an immersive ‘Cambridge experience’ for students from around the world.

This year we decided that a informational video was needed to convey how awesome the programme was (partly because a whole bunch of the competing summer programmes had them), so I got involved with the filming and ideas behind it. I’m mentioning it now because it got put up super recently. So check it out. I did a whole bunch of the interview filming and some of the later clips. Thanks to Jonnie Penn for all the editing, Sarah Eastland for the interview help, and Nick Godfrey for a lot of coördinaion. Enjoy.


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