I came across Wood&Faulk through the Made by Hand store (which is awesome – I suggest checking it out!) and I love everything they do/he does. Especially the journal section of the site. I really quite admire the detail and depth that goes into the little projects (especially in the documentation of them!) and it goes to show just how… Read more →



Recently, I’ve been noticing and really appreciating these little micro documentaries that are being put out to promote products, processes or even little coffee shops. They’re not that new in a lot of cases, but I think they’re an absolutely fantastic way of showcasing what you love to do and presenting it in a wonderful and eminently sharable light. I’ve… Read more →

A Spotless Future

So I had a great day today, one of those days where I get a chance to catch up with myself, and get down to some reading. Getting a better understanding of life (mainly other people’s)…

So I managed to finish off both Delivering Happiness (Hsieh), the book on Zappos, and Let My People Go Surfing (Chouniard), that on Patagonia. Don’t I just love corporate autobiographies? I also made a sizeable dent in The Checklist Manifesto (Gawande) and Walden (Thoreau) (just to read something different). Read more →

Businessy (sic) Books…

So my recent readings on my Kindle, and my plans for future readings on my Kindle have all currently been strangely in the topic of business-like/entrepreneurial books. Many of them autobiographical in the sense of the business being talked/written about. I find these fascinating, mainly for the inspiration and enthusiasm that they ignite in me. I figured I should probably… Read more →