Disclaimer: Betabrand, I love you.

Rarely do you come across such amazing companies created with such a humourous vibe. Their concepts in marketing are spot on — not taking themselves too seriously, creating wonderful limited edition/limited volume clothing, and just the most fantastic descriptions (“Unlike vertical corduroy, which produces friction that can heat your crotch to uncomfortable, even dangerous levels, Cordarounds’ horizontal wales mesh evenly, lowering the average wearer’s crotch heat index (CHI) reading by up to 22%”). And the social integration with the Model Citizen gallery, where you upload a photo of yourself with Betabrand clothes to receive a 20% discount, or Betabrand ‘glasses’ to receive 10%. Amazing. It’s like the chatty Crumpler marketing, but turned up far past 11. I just gotta purchase some of those horizontal cords.

p.s. I also love the judicious use of Helvetica.

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