So just what is a new customer?

In my recent work, and in the industry that I’m involved in, the words new, existing, customer, and unique get thrown around rather frequently. And frequently, their usage is incorrect. Marketers, advertisers and publishers know what they want (generally), but they for sure do not know how to express it. These are all terms bandied […]

(A Strategy For) Making Better LinkedIn Connections

So LinkedIn is all about establishing great and useful professional connections with people. You joined LinkedIn so you could forge some great business contacts and find some interesting and influential leaders in your field. Yet all you seem to get are requests from headhunters or people you don’t really know (but somehow have your email, […]

Launching Bowtiful Ties

So I returned from Japan around 3 weeks ago, and while getting over the jet lag and general cultural differences, I was involved in a new exciting project of my own. I was preparing for the launch of Bowtiful Ties – a little bow tie startup that I had been toying around with and developing […]

Glasses from Firmoo!

So I was lucky enough to be contacted by the lovely people at and asked if I would like some free spectacles in exchange for an honest review of them. Obviously I said yes. Having recently purchased new glasses back in the UK through vision express, which did a pretty good job and were […]

The Atlantic

I’ve been an economist for some 30 years, and a foodie for nearly as long. In this time, I’ve learned that by applying some basic economics to my food choices, I can make nearly every meal count. I’ve also realized that a lot of the best food is cheap. Herewith, a distillation of what I’ve […]


I came across Wood&Faulk through the Made by Hand store (which is awesome – I suggest checking it out!) and I love everything they do/he does. Especially the journal section of the site. I really quite admire the detail and depth that goes into the little projects (especially in the documentation of them!) and it […]