MacKeeper: Legit?

So you may, or even may not, have heard of a Mac software cleanup/antivirus/antislow program called MacKeeper. It markets itself on Google as:

Ensure your Mac’s top performance with MacKeeper – an award-winning system utility for Mac that offers a completely new approach to system care.

Judging by their advertising, which if you haven’t seen it, is just overly invasive, and presented in such a way that a certain type of tinned meat [[spam]] comes to mind as soon as you see it, you’d think they’re not legit

How to ruin an app…

This could alternatively be titled ‘How can iOS and AppStore design ruin perfectly good apps’. I feel bad about writing this, but I’m writing this for a reason, and frankly this is in a similar light to a lot of the new Skype for Mac criticism. The application in question here is Awaken, by Embraceware, what I considered to be the best of the alarm clock applications.