So it seems that since getting back from Japan and not having any immediate work to sink my teeth into has given me a particularly creative spurt. First, I had the launch of Bowtiful Ties, which involved designing and making 5 new lines of ties, developing some packaging and totally revamping and uplifting the website. Now, I’ve had the opportunity to get a whole load of the time-lapse and video footage that I took in Japan and edit it into a short film. It’s by no means epic, but what it is, is a short look into my experiences of morning commuting in Tokyo. It’s the first video I’ve really shot on my 5D, and I like it. The quality, especially when you’re using a nice lens and you have some reasonable light around, is fantastic. Really fantastic. It’s hard at times to nail the focus, especially when moving, but that’s a challenge I’ll have to overcome.

Without further ado:

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