Last night I watched the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi (link to rotten tomatoes) all about the 86 year old Michelin 3 star chef behind the restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro. It’s a great little documentary exploring his life, the unfathomable passion and quest for perfection that he has with his work. Wonderfully well shot too, I loved the timelapses and scenes from Tsukiji market, though at the same time I felt that there was a little overuse of a fisheye lens in capturing these scenes. I found the distortion overwhelming and unnecessary in some of the motion scenes where perhaps a 14 or 20mm rectilinear lens would be sufficient. Minor criticism though.

Otherwise I would love to go to his restaurant, thing is though, that it costs pretty much the same as one month of rent – ¥30,000. Probably worth it, but alas I don’t have the cash to spare currently. However, having had a little look around, there are a number of places that a) have a Michelin star and b) do a reasonably priced lunch deal. The cheapest is even in the region of ¥800 (~£6.50). Yes, I will be going at least once in the near future.

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