A Letter from MacKeeper

Well my few posts on MacKeeper, its issues and its overall invasiveness have sparked some traffic, and as a result of this I received an interesting email from the Zeobit (the developers of MacKeeper) PR manager. Aside from PR at such a place being a difficult job (the amount of (perhaps rightfully) negative criticism that MacKeeper is getting is HIGH!), the letter is ever so terribly written. See for yourself…

Hi guys,

I’m Zeobit LLC PR Manager and would like to give you a clearer understanding of what MacKeeper is.

First of all I would like to assure you it’s a legit app – you can visit our official website – go to the mediaroom tab and take a look at the numerous reviews from the trustful resources.

Besides, MacKeeper is in the list of utilities to download on Apple site, while its shorten version 911 bundle is in the Mac App Store. Do you really think Apple would ever work with unlegal company?

As for the ads you’ve posted, we don’t have them any more as we are on the way of making our advertising campaighn maximum ethical. While it’s always been legal – both these ads contain the part of our trademark -the icon of the app, the name of the developing company. I would also like to add that the banners should be approved by the administration of the site before they will be posted to the site – and all the resoures follow the rules of legal advertising too so the banners are double-checked indeed.

And the last poin – you’ve told that all the MacKeeper does can be done with free apss like Onyx. Do you now what MacKeeper offers indeed? It’s a bundle of 16 tools, not only cleaning ones like Onyx. It also offers Antitheft, Antivirus, Undelete and more. As for the price, it’s extremely hard if not impossible to find he Undelete tool for example that would cost less than 50$ while the whole bundle of MacKeeper costs less.

Best regards,
Sana Paul, Zeobit LLC PR Manager.

So first off, I Googled this Sana Paul person, and it turns out that they’re employed primarily to write good things about MacKeeper on forums. Basically counteract its trojan horse-esque advertising strategy with nice messages. However MacKeeper’s rep still seems to get ripped apart anyway. I wonder why.

So anyway, getting to this letter, the first paragraph mentions all these numerous reviews from trustful resources. Whatever. Some of them may be trustful and legit, but take a peak at the awards section. 8 awards from 8 sites that you’ve never really quite heard of before. How many of these sites are impartial aswell? Could they be getting advertising cuts from MacKeeper? Perhaps. Also, one of the sites is called wareseeker. Its legitimacy is in the name (if you google it, the first result is a Norton safe search report of the site). That always means well.

Secondly the letter further mentions that the application is listed in the Apple utility directory. Well not any more. The search result shows that its still there, but the actual page redirects to, guess what, the App Store, and there’s no MacKeeper to be seen there. As for this 911 (MacKeeper light) app, it’s only in the app store because MacKeeper with its ‘special’ features was too risky to be put there. Look at the reviews for 911, 1 star is always a good start… Also, looking at the screenshots, the blatant promotion to get known on Facebook and Twitter on the main screen of the app is pretty low.

Thirdly, the advertising shouldn’t be wrong in the first place and should obviously be checked before being posted anywhere. Clearly not the case. And what about the invasive advertising, legal? Furthermore, why does MacKeeper include an Uninstaller and Undeleter app when no-one can actually uninstall MacKeeper itself. Seems a touch hypocritical.

So anyway, I’ll let you make up your own mind about MacKeeper, but just have a little search around first, maybe even see if people have been able to uninstall it if they wanted to. You might (or might not) be surprised!

p.s. Cleaning the ‘t’ button on your keyboard and using spellcheck is always a good start before writing letters.

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