Nudie Jeans…

Well for quite a while I’ve been wanting to get some Nudie dry jeans… I read about these about a year and a bit ago on some site and basically Nudie are this Swedish company that sells these sick jeans that are made from dry denim. The denim is called dry because of the obvious reason that it hasn’t been washed yet. Not a little bit. Not at all.

So, why buy dry jeans? Well as they haven’t been washed – they are very susceptible to creases and wear marks and certain other characteristics that you would find ‘already there’ in regular jeans. By wearing dry jeans for an extended length of time before washing them, you can make these creases and rips and light coloured patches yourself – and make them personal to the way that you wear and treat your jeans. And when you eventually wash them (recommended 6 months of wearing!) these ‘imperfections’ and wear marks will appear and you will have you own very personal pair of jeans.

Anyway, enough of the marketing babble and such – some people think that these might be a bit of gimmick, but I thought it was worth a go! It was pretty hard to find a pair of these though… I found some in Canada last year, but they were pretty horrendously expensive (think $200+) so I held out for a little longer… Until a couple weekends ago when I found some in Urban Outfitters in Glasgow as I went over to pick up my bike frame that I won on eBay (more on that later). In terms of size, they were a little big – but I couldn’t pass on them being half price… Oh no no no! So I bought them – and am wearing them loads just to try and get some cool crease marks and other interesting things. I’ll even try and get a picture up each week (also for part of the Wear and Tear competition).

Oh and here’s some week one pictures…
Nudie Jeans Week 0
Nudie Jeans Week 0

Watch this space…

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