More Nudie Jeans…

Well I probably spoil myself or something, but anyway, I bought some more Nudie jeans mainly because they’re so awesome. My previous pair was a total impulse buy (Average Joe 32/34) and hence they’re slightly big – but awesome nonetheless. This time I had more time – so I went for Slim Jim 30/32 – a more melike size. The only problem with having 2 pairs is that I now have to decide which ones to wear and which ones to wear (and hence wear down) more…. Hmmm. Difficult times. In the meantime, I do have some more pictures from week 2 of the Average Joe’s. Take a look:
Nudie Jeans Week 2-1
Nudie Jeans Week 2-2
Nudie Jeans Week 2-3
Nudie Jeans Week 2-4

I just also took a couple of shots from week 3/4 and some of my new Slim Jim’s, so I’ll try and get them up pretty soon…

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