More Wear and Tear…

Well as I am intending of entering the Nudie Jeans Wear and Tear competition, I thought I should probably get some more pictures. And while I was at that – I may as well have put them on Flickr. Which is what I did—so here they are. I reckon they’re from 3/4 weeks of almost constant wear (except for work that is—Starbucks isn’t a jeans fan). They’re mainly just creased in most places and definitely softer and not as rigid as when I first got them. There’s really not all that much wear patches yet. Maybe give it a few more weeks. In parts there is some more wear – front top and back pockets – especially with my wallet. But it’ll be a lot more accentuated in a wee while. Stay tuned.

Week 3-1

Week 3-2

Week 3-3

Week 3-4

As for the bike making etc, the sanding and stripping of the main part of the frame is taking a long arduous time – and hopefully should be done sometime this coming week. We’ll see!

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