And Then I Ran Out of Paint…

I’ve recently been getting quite a bit further with my bike building… (by the way, to all those interested, this post might be a little ‘bikey’ as it’s all I can think to say right now)

Finally (and I mean finally) I finished the sanding and stripping of the frame itself. To be brutally honest, I was so tired of the whole sanding process that I just wanted it to be over with. I’m sure I had spent at least 6+ hours on it and gone through countless sheets of sandpaper and really just wanted the design to progress a little… Though initially, when starting the project, I really wanted to make sure that the work that I did was of a high quality and not rushed, I knew that this part of it would be pretty testing. I know for a fact that I get pretty bored pretty quickly when doing certain things—sanding comes to mind very fast—and I had to make sure that I put in a decent sanding effort. But to be honest I think I did pretty well. Maybe if I had an electric sander next time, or something just a little more effective. Anyway, I wanted to get the whole project moving, so I could finish the frame part and move on to the mechanics and wheels and so on and so forth. Except that halfway through priming the wonderfully sanded frame, I ran out of the stupid red oxide primer.
Out of paint
I kinda knew initially that I should have bought more paint, but I didn’t realise it would be quite this serious (look at the photos! The whole thing isn’t even covered!). So I’ve now (as of this time last week actually) taken the liberty in ordering more paints. Except that I’ve used a different company (it was £4 cheaper and I think I get more paint for my money) and it hasn’t arrived. So either they’re jerking me around and taking their time (I’m someone tempted to think this (my nasty side clearly)) or it is as they’ve said and it’s delayed in the post—postal strikes—hmmmmmmm. I guess it’ll be a wait and see till monday. Not cool at all.

In the meantime though, it has given me ample time to finish other parts of the bike. The front fork has now been sanded (not wet sanded because a) I didn’t realise one needed special sanding paper to wet sand and b) out usual paper really doesn’t work when wet) and varnished, or lacquered if you will. Anyway, it’s looking hot, and shiny. I’ll get some shots on Flickr soon.

But that’s not all! Despite the frame taking an absolute age to complete, I did get round to ordering more parts—and behold—some even arrived! I bought a whole bunch of stuff from VeloSolo, including all the bolt on cog and Shimano M756 axle conversion kit – and with their excellent customer service and packaging skills it arrived today. Thumbs up to those guys. However now I realise why I needed a cone spanner as opposed to a regular (adjustable) spanner – one side of the axle cones may be easy to remove. But the other isn’t exactly. However I found a temporary solution in the form of filing down a slightly thicker than cone 13mm spanner to a cone spanner. Thing is though, it’s made of “drop forged steel”, and it just ain’t easy to file. I might have to get one of those real cone spanners after all. Grrrr…

In addition to my ordering of the VeloSolo kit, I also got a chain off of Chain Reaction Cycles (haha – see what I did there) and behold, it also arrived today. So all is good except the fact that I don’t really need a chain as of yet. Though it was cheap at £5.99 – and it’s a 3/32 singlespeed chain which makes it all the better. Check out the KMC Z610 RB if you’re intrigued…

And last week too, when I was on my ordering spree, I placed an order for some sweet slick tyres. I’m not gonna lie, they’re probably the slickest mofos that I could find seeing as they have absolutely no tread. Wet times = fun. They weren’t that cheap (try £16 a pair inc. tubes…) but then again they look so gnarley.
Specialized Fatboys
Specialized Fatboys (26×1.95). I just hope the company that I ordered them from doesn’t screw up too much. It’s already taking a while…

I also got some sweet eBay items yesterday, which may or may not arrive in the post on Saturday. We’ll have to wait and see. Until then, have fun.

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