Well I honestly thought that since I finally finished my exams I thought I should say something…

I don’t know what I may say, but I spose one could say that exams are fun if you know the stuff in them. But if don’t then they are still fun. As someone I know once said (in roughly similar words…)

Exams are like general knowledge quizzes, and I like them, so exams are fun!

That may be someone’s opinion which is really quite groovy, so there you go.

Oh and by the way, my band has a gig, well we’re playing at a Battle of the bands, dubbed “The Battlefield” (more info at It shall be very good fun as we get 15 mins to play whatever we wish, so maybe expect a bit of Muse, possibly Radiohead and of course some great original songs by the one and only Starfish Extravaganza. And its Feb 24th at Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh. Be there or be square! Tickets £5 available from me!

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