Hmm, I look at this site when I log into it whenever (and where-ever) I write it and I think, “It would looks so much better if it was remotely consistent in the whole colour scheme of things. In fact, I have started changing the style sheet/theme for the ‘red’ theme as I have aptly named it and it should be appearing sometime in the next week! Oh well, I’ll just have to wait!

I attended a Red Hot Chili Pepper concert last night at ‘Scotland’s National Stadium,’ Hampden Park! It shouldn’t really be Scotland’s national stadium mainly because it isn’t in Edinburgh, it has really crap transport links (the closest train station is 5 minutes away, and the Police blocked the only entrance that I remembered) and generally its just not good enough to be Scotland’s national stadium. Anyhoo, the concert was pretty awesome; the supporting acts were ‘Reverand and The Makers’ and ‘Biffy Clyro,’ who weren’t that bad (surprisingly) but were nothing compared to what the Chilis used to have supporting them (The Mars Volta!) or what Radiohead had (Deerhoof and Beck!). But still at least it was remotely listenable.. (cough cough… Wolfmother’s support group – ‘Wolf and Cub’ cough!).

The sad thing is that I went to see the Chilis last year at T In The Park, and I still felt the need to fork out £50 to see them again. The good thing is that they are an awesome live band, they never get tiring, as they do some sweet on-the-spot jams (wait a sec, isn’t that the point of a jam…? Oh well!) and they played almost a completely different set! Before at T 2006 the set they played was pretty much the one that was played at the Live At Lyon bootleg/real DVD/TV show because it was that tour. That was a pretty good set, but in my opinion I reckon the set that they played last night was better. It comprised of so many ‘other’ songs, like the ones that aren’t singles on the album, and the ones that fewer people would know unless they had bought the album… These were ones such as “So Much I”, “Emit Remmus”, “Get On Top”, “She’s Only 18” and others like that. Flea even had the audacity to bring out his trumpet, which was great fun!

All went well, but great thanks to Citylink, the coach company that felt the need to organise extra coaches at 12 midnight to make sure that everyone got home okay. Even if the driver was about to fall asleep…

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  1. Firstly – you have a website! Woo!
    Secondly – I found it! Woo!
    Thirdly (and most importantly) – HELL YEAH was that an awesome concert!!!

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