Well… I’m back

Been away for the last week and a bit which kinda prevented me from posting things during that time…

One of these big things that happened during this time is the amazing T In The Park festival in Balado Kinross. This is an immense 2 day music festival that went on on the weekend and hosted such greats as The Who and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, among others this year.

Mainly going because of The Who’s and Chili’s presence there I found their sets absolutely amazing, especially the Who, albeit with only half of them remaining… The usual Pete Townshend guitar smashing replaced by Roger Daltrey tambourine destroying! The Chilis too, despite the great Scottish weather at the time were stunning, they really are a band that are best seen live and until you see them live (not counting concert videos, although they may be good, they are no substitute), you will not properly understand how great they are… It all goes back because originally in the ‘old days’ which are basically the mid 80s from ’84 onwards, when the Chilis were just starting out, they were famous for their live sound, and as a result the first albums they released weren’t great as they did not capture the ‘energy’ present at their shows, resulting in EMI dropping them and Warner picking up their contract. Since then, which is Blood Sugar Sex Magik onwards, they have been considerably different and producing better, in my opinion studio albums, this could be because of John Frusciante (a great guitarist, worthy even of Zappa, apart from his drugs habit). Anyway, although the Chilis albums have been much better, the power of the live concerts is still miles better than the albums, thus I highly recommend getting to one before their tour ends, which is fairly soon. Although if it is fairly impossible, pick up, or at least download a copy of their recent Rock In Rio gig in Portugal as it is 1h40mins of pure immenseness…

Thats all I can think of writing at the moment, so maybe I’ll add something later. Just go out and buy some tickets for the 2007 T in the Park festival which go on sale tomorrow at 9am!!!

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