MacKeeper: Legit?

So you may, or even may not, have heard of a Mac software cleanup/antivirus/antislow program called MacKeeper. It markets itself on Google as:

Ensure your Mac’s top performance with MacKeeper – an award-winning system utility for Mac that offers a completely new approach to system care.

Judging by their advertising, which if you haven’t seen it, is just overly invasive, and presented in such a way that a certain type of tinned meat ((spam)) comes to mind as soon as you see it, you’d think they’re not legit. Then perhaps you might Google them, as I did, to see if there’s anything interesting about them; any fishy reviews, any haters etc. Then you’ll find about a million results advertising MacKeeper as spam/fake/not legit etc, and when you click on them, you find out that they are in fact all affiliate links, saying how great MacKeeper is, and how much of a scam it is not.

Can I please be the first to call bullshit here? If they’re paying people to advertise (with their 50% affiliate fee!) the fact that it is not spam, then there’s something wrong, and using javascript popups to stop you closing their ad window is just so… low. Stop being so ghetto. I bet a large percentage of their reviews aren’t unbiased either. It’s terrible, alienating Mac users and using scaremongering tactics. Get a better marketing strategy.

In fact I propose that they change their little spiel about their company to:

Be unsure of your Mac’s top performance with MacKeeper – a no award-winning system utility for Mac that offers a completely new approach to spamming the hell out of Mac users on the internet.

Disclaimer: I would normally link to the various sites in question, but in this case they don’t need any more traffic, nor do they deserve any, hence why the links are missing.