Same old rubbish…

Mackeeper, everyone’s favourite sketchy and trojan-esque piece of Mac software malware, has had a little branding update. And a little branding fail at the same time. As I’m sure I’ve pointed out before, their advertising is sketch to say the least, even at the level of rebranding what they do at every possible juncture, just so you get fooled again (ladies and gentlemen, take advice from The Who here please) into trying it. Furthermore, little dialog boxes popping up is not cool, see below.
I wish there were some sort of advertising standards agency online, it would remove this sort of crap and limit the exposure and proliferation of such useless entities like Mackeeper. Then again I think the best kind of advertising standard is the one that you set yourself. If you read/see/take in an ad and it causes you to question the company, maybe through some misspelled words, or some rogue CSS positioning, then act with your feet, and don’t go.

You’ve got to love ‘hight’ (sic) level security in a program, and faux-aqua buttons that aren’t quite horizontally aligned… Isn’t even aqua slightly dated now… p.s. Mackeeper isn’t even in the Mac app store, go figure. If you try searching for it, a fishy alternative is suggested…

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