As the first of my projects to make more furniture and household objects, I settled on the biggest need in the house at the time. A table.

We wanted something long that we could use equally for working on or for hosting dinner parties around. There are admittedly a lot of off the shelf (or table…) options out there, but we wanted something special and something a lot cheaper too.

I’m not sure how I came up with the idea for a door as a table, but browsing Homebase one day, I realised that the fairly solid pine doors were pretty cheap and a plan was hatched. Hairpin legs were acquired from amazon and the whole construction took under an hour.

I eventually coated it in a matt white wax to give it a little more texture and durability. The panels in the door were a little annoying to begin with, but you get used to them eventually (and they quite nicely contain any spillage…).


  • Pine 4 panel door from Homebase ~£30
  • 71cm clear coat steel 3 rod hairpin legs from Amazon – £45
  • Ronseal white wax ~ £10

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