So I snagged a beta key to the new Livesurface Context layered image library, and I’ve been playing around with it (and Illustrator) all morning. First impressions: just so awesome. I love it. It’s rapid prototyping, taken to a whole new level and applied to a whole new space and dimension (literally in the case of packaging…).

Poster 0165 2013-04-03 09:49:45 +0000

I can mockup ad/billboard/packaging/pretty much anything ideas in Illustrator for Bowtiful and have them in an awesome previewable/wow-factor form in a matter of SECONDS. No messing around with perspectives and shifting images, I can open Livesurface Context, pick out a context (for a lack of a better word), and BLAM, a blank illustrator file with size guides pops up. After some pasting, and hitting render, I can get a wonderfully hi-res image of my ad in real life! It’s wonderful. I highly recommend checking it out. I even have an extra beta key to give away…

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