And so this time rolls around again where I forget all those things that I’m supposed to be doing and end up just enjoying the moment. Summer. But even that had to end. And maybe the best way of describing that which has ended, and that which is about to come is through Salter. A man whose lofty words and sparse prose I can only admire:

September. It seems these luminous days will never end. The city, which was almost empty during August, now is filling up again. It is being replenished.

And so now I can go back to those little things that I intensely enjoy, and bury my head in their intricacies. Reading. Drinking coffee. Developing film. McPhee’s Coming Into The Country exemplifies this beautifully:

…men who have labored hard in a quiet way to satisfy the craving for individual independence and have gained through hardship something that is worthwhile even if their hopes are not yet realized.

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