I mentioned in my previous post that I had come across some of this fantastic Velvia 50, and had sent it off for processing. Well it’s back, I’ve put it on Facebook, and I love it. The colours are just wonderful, they give that wonderful slightly faded seventies over-redded highlight images that I feel would make Yosemite look like a dream. Yellows are serene, blues are a little murky, but combined with bright green they glow like nothing else. Red is apparent in a lot of the white/light blue sky shots yet is hardly bright on its own.

I took most of these shots while in Norfolk, walking along coastal paths to Wells-next-the-sea. The pretty fierce sunlight during most of the day really helped produce some of the contrast shown. The couple below are from Pembroke College. I just love the light and slightly aged effect that this film so naturally gives.

All this was shot on an original Pentax Spotmatic with either a 55/1.8, 17/4 or 200/4. More can be seen on my Flickr page.

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