So as a little update to my previous post on exploring Japan’s fine cuisine through little ramen joints, I managed to check a few more ‘best of the best’ places off of the list. Also as a sidenote, I feel that 80% of recent posts have been about Japanese food. That’s not a bad thing.

So this evening I went back to Bassanova, a place in Shindaita recommended due to it’s slightly different style thai fusion (among other things) ramen. Last time I went I had the first thing on the menu/ticket vending machine, the tondatsu wadasisoba. It was solid, but nothing really to write home about. Anyway I figured I should still go again just to at least try the thai green curry esque ramen if nothing else, however, while I was planning on getting it, I noticed the autumn/fall special – a spicy chilli bean tsukemen (above). It’s a little on the pricy side (¥1000), but you get a lot of noodles, some freaking awesome chilli broth (with spicy sausage and assorted beans contained within) and, wait for it, smoked chashu. It’s the absolute highlight of the dish. So so wonderful and it pairs so nicely with the slight tangy spiciness of the broth. My only complaint is that it could be served a touch warmer (but maybe that’s just be being picky?). Nonetheless, totally planning on going back there. It is, also, the only ramen joint that I’ve found so far that plays fairly loud american hip-hop as you slurp your noodles. It makes it that little bit better.

I also managed to make it along to Kurori. It had a bunch of good reviews, and I wasn’t really aware that it had been ranked as no 1 in Japan for some time until I’d been, but this place is legit and serves up a mean miso ramen. It’s near Ichigaya (and hence near class) so on a day off, I popped over there and joined a queue outside an unlabelled Ramen shop that I was pretty sure was it. Heck this place is so bad-ass and has such a reputation that it needs no shop sign. After a good 20 minutes wait, we were allowed in to order and take our seats at the bar (yes, there are only 8 seats in this place). One person (I assume the master) was making the ramen, and by the looks, sounds and tastes of it, was doing a hella good job. This was a fantastic lunch, and I shall be returning for sure.

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