Into the Wild

It’s been a long time since I was as obsessed as this about something. In this case it’s Into the Wild. The film, initially, now the Vedder soundtrack, and finally the book by Krakauer.

I guess thanks have to go out to the people who introduced me to such an epic tale and with such forcible suggestion, wanted me to watch the film. Thanks, and wow. This has changed everything. It’s such an enigmatic tale of self discovery, about finding the meaning of life, discovering what it’s all about.

I find it hard to pin down what I love most about this tale of adventure. In some ways it’s the spirit of adventure itself, having the freedom, going out on the road, actually just doing it, doing something with your life and not being afraid or deterred by anyone or anything. Knowing your vision, and actually going and chasing after it are two different things. But Christopher McCandless is an example of the latter. It takes a lot to do that, and though a lot of it is about the chase and the journey, I think getting there for him, getting into the wild, was the perfect prize. To sum it up in his own words:

And just remember, if you want something in life, reach out and grab it.

Everyone I come into contact with regularly probably knows I’m obsessed with this film, and I’m not going to shut up anytime soon. Just watch it. And if you’ve watched it, just read it, and while you’re reading it, listen to it. Then go out there and do it.

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