Veni, Vedi, Vino…

I’ve recently become a member of The Wine Society and as such I figured it was about time to order a crate case (apparently crates are for beers…) of wine. Not really knowing all that much about different sorts of wine, other than that the ones that were normally expensive tended to taste better (unless they were on offer in Sainsbury’s, in which case they could be likened to coloured meths/petrol/water in a bottle), so, I went ahead and ordered a case of the Wine Champions Dozen. These were/are winners of a blind wine tasting competition, and seemed to be at moderately reasonable prices, so I figured it a wise place to start. FYI, the list of wines present are available here.

Society's French Dry WhiteIt arrived eventually (I still seem to think that delivery companies should attempt to get their act together and be more like amazon and actually deliver next day whether you expect them to or not) and I figured it would be a good idea to try a bottle out. So, first on the list of bottles to try is The Society’s French Dry White (see picture). This retails normally for £5.75 through the Society’s site.

I opened this bottle hoping that it should be fairly good. But not really knowing how good it would be. My overall impression was that it was drinkable, not the best bottle that I had tasted, but great value for money, and I would buy it again. I guess as expected of a dry white wine from France it would be light, and easy to drink which was great, but in addition to that it had a slightly strong taste of alcohol, however I think was countered very well by the overall lightness on the palate of the wine. In general then, a good first bottle from the case, just remember to chill it well.

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