I love my 50mm

It’s amazing. I actually do. It’s the best £90 I’ve ever spent (although technically I didn’t buy it, it was a gift, and secondly, it’s not always £90, it’s so much cheaper in the US, so buy it there). It’s so light, so fast, so sharp and just so awesome.

Rome, Italy

People who use it are shocked that it doesn’t have a zoom.

“Such a fancy camera, but wait, what, where’s the zoom button. How do I get further away?”

It’s great, and really puts the zoom lenses at any affordable level to shame. So much so that I’ve just stopped using zoom lenses at all for the moment. For me, it’s prime all the way. NB, this may not be purely choice, but financial reasons and the fact that the autofocus on my 18-55mm is screwy after I kind of landed on it. Anyway though, it just blows them out of the water on sharpness, on light levels and pretty much everything else. Even price. I just set my SLR to Av (aperture priority) mode and fire away. f/1.8 for arty portraits to minimise that depth of field, and f/8 for those super sharp, fairly deep city shots. And with RAW and Aperture, so much can be done once the shot is taken.
Anyway, my point is, invest. Go ahead, it’s so little to spend on such a great piece of optics. They’ll totally keep their retail value too, and they weigh absolutely nothing to carry around. Canon EF 50mm f/1.8. Buy it.

Now for some example shots.

Granville Island
Granville Island, Vancouver, BC
Rome, Italy

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