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Just as a small post to mention a few small things, I finished reading Outliers by Gladwell, and have since then moved on to Freakonomics, which I have now basically finished, so I’m really going to have to get a pile of books ready to go, or maybe just find something else to do. However at the moment (as it happens at occasionally odd times) I’m enjoying the quest for knowledge, however useful or irrelevant it may be. Now I just need to keep this quest going all though the next academic year. Hmmm. Maybe not that easy. We’ll see. As for books, hopefully I’ll find another popular economics or statistics book to read, maybe The Long Tail as I mentioned in a previous post.

I also saw (in Waterstones) Without The Hot Air by Prof. David MacKay – the book about the calculations and statistics concerning the real world viability, usability and economics of renewable energy. I had been planning to read the eBook version for a while as it is free, but as the actual book is so beautifully typeset (by Cambridge University Press maybe? UIT) I might have to get it. This little review also made me seem that little bit more excited about it too – “The Freakonomics of conservation, climate and energy.”—Cory Doctorow, Mmmm…

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  1. I’m glad you like the typesetting!
    So do I. 🙂 I did the typesetting myself. (Cambridge University Press didn’t have any involvement in this book. My publisher is called UIT.)
    Do buy the book – satisfaction guaranteed – I’ll give you a money-back guarantee.
    All the best!

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