Interesting things noted over the past wee while

This will comprise pretty much of a list. They’re essentially things that would be silly if they had their own post. Something like Twitter would probably be better for this… Oops! Enjoy.

-The Eels are pretty awesome music to listen to. Mildly depressing at times, but I’ll get over it. I currently have Beautiful Freak (a steal at £4 no?), Shootenanny and Electro-Shock Blues! All pretty awesome to be honest.

-The VOIP app for iPhone/iPod Touch is awesome – if only the mic worked with the iPhone! Not entirely sure that I understand the whole SIP thing… isn’t Skype good enough for everyone? Somehow though I managed to make calls through this SIP service (OMG, it works!) but all the other person gets is some silence, a nasty shock. I’ll just have to wait and see how it goes!

-The Bedlam In Goliath (The Mars Volta) is rather heavy, though Thomas Pridgen is a very very good drummer so it seems.

-Massive Attack are also very good. It took me quite a while to get into them, starting with Mezzanine, which was described somewhere as a rock album – thus a good place to start. But now I’m so into all of the trippy stuff, woooooh!

-People love Coda, I see why it’s so good, but the Tramsmitting/FTPing of files is annoying with only one window pane thing. Ideally it needs a split pane for local and remote files (like the proper Transmit).

-The Core Image memory leak is so tedious. I really do enjoy Pixelmator, but it working properly would be nice. If you haven’t a clue about this leak, then you’re probably best off not knowing about it or Googling it. I gather that it’s some system thing that isn’t specific to Pixelmator, it’s just that Pixelmator has used CoreImage like no other app before. The result of this leak, in usability terms, is that when working with larger images (e.g. 8 megapixel jpgs), when you try and do some alterations to it (such as Blur) then it is incredibly slow – and rather unproductive and irritating.

-iPhysics is easily one of the best iPhone games! So I’ve read it’s a iPhone clone of the game Crayon Physics, but I don’t see how such a program could function any better on any other platform except the iPhone (or at least another touchscreen platform with accelerometer capabilities). So far I really like the included level – Crayon Physics. I find some of the other so called ‘similar’ level packs take it too far with the complicatedness of their level design, almost removing the fun element!

-Apparently the charging of an iPhone through anything other than an USB 2.0 cable is bad. That means that I’ll have to stop using my Firewire cable… especially so because I doubt I have any warranty on my phone! It’s just annoying that USB only charges when the computer is on and Firewire is fine when it is sleeping… Grrrr!

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